A successful forest harvest must generate economic return while mitigating risk, and work with the expectations of the owner. To that end FMG has the tools, experience and skills to optimise the most important phase of forest ownership – generating an optimum return for the crop.

Strong export links

Through our export partners we provide market access into China, Korea, India, Taiwan, and the UAE. Logs are supplied through 8 ports across the country.

We can also provide various price mechanisms to lock in price for a longer time frame.

Domestic ties

A mix of export and domestic markets helps to achieve value optimisation for the crop. We have excellent relationships with processors throughout our regions to achieve the best market balance for forest owners.

The Process

Operational management of harvesting operations incorporates a strong focus on health and safety, environmental planning and accurate information flows.

FMG has the skills, technology and systems to manage the harvest stage and generate best returns, while mitigating risk for growers.